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Elf on a Ledge at Edge


Join in on the fun and find "the elf on a ledge" (pictured above) on our website!  Once found, provide the screenshot proof that you've located the elf and get entered into a raffle to win a gift card of up to $500 in value!  Bonus entries are available (see below).  There are 3 chances to win as we will draw 3 winners!  The 1st draw wins a $500 gift card, 2nd draw wins a $200 gift card, and 3rd draw wins a $100 gift card.  This raffle will conclude on December 17th, 2022.  Throughout that timeframe, the elf's location will change frequently.  Happy hunting!


  • The elf featured on this page is not one that counts as a submission.

  • To participate, you must be a prospect, applicant, or current resident of Edge at Arlington.

  • If you are a prospect, and you have found the elf on the website, you will need to have a completed guest card to enter.

  • Your screenshot proof along with your full name, and apartment (if applicable), must be emailed to [email protected] to be counted.


In addition to finding the elf and providing proof, you are eligible for bonus entries if any of the following applies to you (November 9th 2022 or thereafter until the hunt has concluded on December 17th, 2022):

  • You have applied for an apartment (2 bonus entries for 3 total)

  • You have renewed your lease agreement (5 bonus entries for 6 total)